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There are so many ways to extend wishes to friends and loved ones on their special day.  We hope this website will be your one stop shop to finding those greetings using quotes, phrases, special messages, proverbs, verses, poems, etc. to share in their special day.



Below are different ways to share your happiness for the special person.  Feel free to use the information we have provided in a card or for a speech, or whatever you feel they would be most helpful to you.  Sometimes finding the perfect words is difficult, and we know that.  Sometimes finding that perfect quote may be the answer you are looking for. Good luck in finding that perfect saying!


Why not share your wishes using these special words written by others? 


"May everything you dream of for your birthday, be everything you receive."


"Congratulating you and best wishes on another candle being added."


"May this be the happiest birthday yet."


"Hoping you receive the greatest birthday you can think of."


"You're another year older, and another year wiser. Wishing you a wonderful birthday."


"So happy birthday, another year has found you. May it be the best year yet."


"I can only wish for the best birthday you will ever have, it up to you to make it happen!"


"Such a good friend deserves all the wishes they desire, especially on their birthday."


"Celebrating a birthday such as yours brings joy to many people around."


"Birthdays are such special times, its when we get to be with those we love."


"So many wishes that we would like to send your way, but not enough space so I'll just stick with Happy Birthday!"


"Wishing you a birthday fit for royalty!"


"Another wonderful memory for your repertoire of birthdays!  Celebrate as you did the last!" 


"Happy Birthday to you, my dear friend, Wishing you many more wonderful years!"


"You know they say, as soon as you turn a year older you are now working on the next year. So with that I'd like to say Happy 30th birthday, all the best in your 31st year! haha!"


"Today we hope your birthday is fit for a king/queen!  You deserve everything you have always dreamed of!  So happy birthday to you!"


''Every birthday is special, but this one takes the cake!"



We have verses, greetings, sayings, messages and phrases for you to review.  Who knows, exactly what you want to say may be already written for you!  So for more examples, visit our Wishes page.



Take a look at our Quotes page to find more examples of quotes to find one that suits the situation best.


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Toasts - Learn how to write the perfect toast to say at a friend or families party, and find examples of toasts you may want to use as well.


Poems - There are a lot of things you can do with poems. You can use one already written by an author or create your own? Find the perfect b-day poem here.


Songs - Here you will find songs that would be great for a play list for a birthday party.


Party Games - Are you looking for some fun party games?  You will find some here.


Cakes - Cakes are the centerpiece for birthdays.  Don't forget to get the perfect themed cake.  What's a birthday without cake?


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Pictures - Wondering what pictures you should take in order to get a storybook of pictures for an album?


Jokes - Funny is always better.  Find some funny sayings here.


Rhymes - Learn how to write your own birthday poem.


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Happy Birthday Sayings - Find sayings for all ages, family members and traditional sayings.



"To me I am,

Only as old as I feel.

Although I'm 10 years older,

I only feel forty-three."

Written By Julie Hebert On Behalf Of C. Pulsifer

So how do you extend congratulations to someone who is turning another year older.  Well there are in fact many ways.  Below are some examples of ways to send your birthday wishes and celebrate someone turning another year older.

  • Send a card or a letter

  • Give a gift

  • Send flowers to work or home

  • Send a gift basket

  • Organize a congratulatory dinner

  • Plan a b-day party

  • Throw a surprise party

  • Offer to take them to lunch

  • Send them a birthday email

  • Create a scrapbook of their life

  • Write them a poem that signifies their life

  • Send a singing telegram!

  • Surprise them by knocking at their door for a friendly visit

  • Buy them some balloons

  • Find an old picture of them when they were young and have it restored

As you can see there are many different ways to pass on your words of greetings to the special celebrating individual.  B-day wishes and quotes are always out there in many different forms.  Our job is to provide you with as many different options as we can find.  As time goes on we will add new pages with more options for you.  So please check back. 


But keep in mind that sending your celebratory wishes never has to be done in an expensive way.  It is the thought that counts so plan or purchase with only the b-day boy or girl in mind.  And no matter what you decide, the thought will be there, expensive or not and that thought will be more appreciated than the gift on its own!


So go find that perfect saying or verse to send your wishes and if you decide to get a gift or plan a party make it about the guest of honor.  It is there day and they should be the center of attention.  So good luck in your planning and we hope the information provided on this website will give you the insight that you will need!



NOTE: We always try to give the proper credit to the quotes, verses, and poems, etc. on the site. We receive many that the author is "Unknown", although if you are aware of who the author is, please let us know by contacting us so we are able to give the proper credit. Thank you for your help.


"Every year that I get older I realize I know more about myself now than I did a year ago.  Getting older means, becoming the person you are meant to be."



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"If one day we are all to get old, than let my experiences speak for themselves."

Julie Hebert


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