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When it comes to picking out birthday cards there really is a lot of different options to choose from.  Many stores now a days have great pre-printed cards conveniently for you.  But why not make your own?  Making a birthday card on your own is the best way to personalize the perfect card for a friend or family member.  Its the thought that counts, right??  And thoughts always count more, when though and work goes into something.


If creating a card on your own sounds like fun, there are many options you can choose from to make it uniquely yours.  There are many types of computer software out there that can help you with the format of your cards and also with the layout but depending on how creative you want to be, these programs may limit your creativity.  But keep in mind, computer software's that are designed specifically for creating cards and invitations should have lots of options for you to play around with.  


The first step in creating a card is to determine the size and paper type you would like your card.  Using a basic word processor you should have access to changing the paper size by changing to half a page or a quarter of a page and then when you print it you would just fold it to the proper size.  When choosing a paper type, its best to buy a thicker paper than regular printer paper.  This will give it a more real card feel. 

Next you need to decorate it with some art work or pictures.  This should all be able to do done with your word processor, just insert and Volia!  Your birthday card is decorated.  It may even be funny if you could find a hilarious picture of the celebrating individual to put on the front of the card!  There may be a funny story behind it that will create a memory when the celebrator first sees your creation!  


The most important part of the card will be the message.  At this point you can write your own or get some help from the wonderful authors out there.  You can search for a quote or saying, maybe a nice poem that depicts the recipient in some way.  There are also some nice phrases, verses, wishes and greetings that you could use as part of your message.  Whatever you decide, make sure it relates to the person you are giving it to.


Print it, fold it and put it into the envelope and your done!  We hope this information on making your own cards was helpful and informative.  Celebration cards no longer have to have no meaning!  Have fun!


You know I think a lot of people think that cards are just a waste of money, but on the contrary, people put too much emphases on presents.  When it comes to children, this may be true.  Kids much prefer presents to cards.  But when we become adults, there comes a time that we no longer need yet another item to collect dust, so to speak.  Cards offer so much more than a figurine that is going to sit in the back of a bookcase never to be seen again.  A card can say exactly how you feel, tell the b-day person how much you mean to them.  So if you are going to forget something, don't let it be the card.  A card can be a very special present if you put the time and effort into making it speak from your heart.  And if you're thinking time is of the essence and you just don't have the time to make you're own card, no worries.  There are people out that their job is to make a card that will speak to you and more importantly the guest of honor.  So hit the card store and you will find something that is perfect, and if its not exactly everything you are looking for, then that's why they leave space for you to add your thoughts.  You can then write in what you are feeling that the card doesn't say.  Actually I highly recommend you write a personal message in every card, no matter how perfect it is.  Receiving a card with only the givers name in it is very impersonal.  Even its just a short message, it will mean so much more.



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