17 Mens Gift Ideas For Birthday


Awww, birthday gift ideas for men has always been a difficult task for me.  I donít understand why men have to be so difficult.  I shouldnít say all men are like that.  There are a few that straight out tell me what they want for their birthday, but then there are men like my father and husband.  Ones says he doesnít want anything and the other says her wants to be surprised! 


So how do you choose what to give someone who doesnít straight out tell you want they want?  We want to get something they will like, use and enjoy.  But we arenít mind readers, so that makes this job tough.


Here are some helpful ways to find out what they are really hoping for:


When they talk, listen to what they are excited about or really interested in.  You can then take that information to find something suitable that they probably didnít even realize you were listening.  But you canít just listen a few days before their birthday, you have to have your ears open all the time.  Keep a list and when it get close to decision making time, you can then hint about a few things to see if they seem interested or not. 


Go through the flyers with them.  See what perks their interest, but just listen, maybe take a quick peek and then come up with a reason why he shouldnít buy it.  When heís not around grab the paper, make not of where and what it is so you can later go purchase it in secret.  But make sure you keep the receipt, if youíre guy is anything like my guy, he might realize that he needs it after all and gets it one day when heís out!


If this gift is for someone other than your significant other or if all else fails for your significant other, here are some present ideas that are a good suggestion for men.



  1. Gift card

  2. Movie tickets

  3. Tools

  4. Wallet

  5. Watch

  6. Video game

  7. DVD or Blu-Ray Ė depending on what system they have

  8. An attachable massage chair

  9. If he likes to golf, golf balls, or something golf related

  10. Car washing supplies

  11. Although clothes aren't usually a mans favourite gift, some popular ideas include sweaters, belts, tie's (children's favourites), etc

  12. Pens are a nice gift for the more sophisticated man.  You could also get it engraved with their initials.

  13. A great book, one that he would be wanting to read.  Best thing to do is find out what his favourite author is and try and figure out what book he does not have already.  Another book idea is if he has an interest in something, getting him a book on that.  For instance, travel, trains, gaming, etc.

  14. If he like to play games, you could get him one of those.  Horseshoes, Washer Toss, Dart Board with darts of course, chess or checkers board are some ideas.  If he like car games get him a fancy new set of cards or a card holder.  You could also get him a board game if he's into that.  And of course, if he's into all the new game stations, well then get him a game for whichever gamer he has.

  15. If he likes to cook, inside or out then you have lots of options there.  Getting him a manly apron may be a good choice.  But getting him some cooking tools may be even better.  If he likes to bbq, you may want to find him a heavy duty bbq set.  Something he would not go out and purchase for himself, but he would be drooling over if he would come across it on his own! 

  16. If he's a man who travels often, you could get him a new travel bag.  You can sometimes find these as well that are able to be personalized with their initials.

  17. Guys don't usually tend to receive flowers, and I doubt they would enjoy that either, but why not make them a candy bouquet?  Get a vase or pot of some sort and fill it with all your guys favourite chocolate bars.  This is a great gift idea for the man with a sweet tooth.


Whatever you decide on getting the man in your life, keep in mind, itís the thought that counts.  The fact that you took time out of your busy schedule to get him a gift says a lot.  But donít forget the card, whether you make it yourself or purchase it, make it funny!  Men like funny cards.  I donít know why but from my experience, they just do.  But you will know your man best!  Just make sure those birthday wishes are there and you may even want to find a birthday quotes to put inside.


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