16 Birthday Gifts For Her


I think many people think that finding birthday gifts for her is going to be a tough task.  But in reality, woman are easy to buy for.  Maybe Iím saying this because Iím a woman myself, but there are just too many generic things on the market geared towards woman that even if you know nothing about this lady, you still should be able to find a gift.

For example, if you are looking for a very generic gift for a woman in your life that you are not close too but feel you are obliged to give a gift, here are some ideas of some presents that are pretty easy to find and can also be found or made inexpensive:

  1. Soaps

  2. Bubble bath

  3. Flowers

  4. Picture frame

  5. Work of art

  6. Figurine (birthday theme)

  7. Teddy Bear (birthday theme)

  8. Makeup brushes

  9. Manicure set

  10. Journal

  11. Scarf

  12. Hat or mittens

  13. Necklace, earrings, bracelet Ė these do not have to be expensive jewelry, handmade is a nice idea

Now if this is for someone you know personally, a girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, etc.  then you should have some idea of what they are interested in, their likes and dislikes and their dreams.  If you donít then ask someone who is close to them.  Iím sure someone will have some ideas. 

If you take the time to listen to them, ask them questions about their hobbies and their favourite things to do.  Iím sure you will get some ideas.  But to be truthfully honest.  We know what we want and we leave clues and give hints all the time.  You just need to be looking for them.  So pay attention and one of our suggestions will just in front of you. 

The best place to find ideas for your significant other is the mall.  Take her to a shopping center and see what she spends time looking at or what she obsesses over but says she doesnít need another or its too expensive.  Those are the things she is truly hoping youíll buy her!!!  Even though she will never admit it!  She will actually be surprised when she receives it as she probably didnít even realize you were paying attention.

Whatever you decide to get her, donít forget the card.  Actually, above all, the card is the most important.  The card is a small gesture but a significant one.  This is where you will write your birthday wishes to her.  If you are her significant other you will write your love for her.  You may even find quotes that says for you how much you love and respect her.

More Gift Ideas for Women

Of course we know most women in our lives, mothers, grandmothers even sisters usually prefer something sentimental.  Something personal compared to just another bought gift.  Here are some examples of personalized gifts you could have made or make them yourself:

  1. Of course creating anything with the use of a personal picture is always a win win gift.  You can have it specially framed, or create a scrapbook for it and other pictures.  You can have the picture put onto an object that she will use every day such as a tote bag, mug or glass.  I've seen pictures transferred to vases too!  There are so many options these days that photo centers offer.  You may even be able to find instructions on the internet or in a book of how to do it yourself.

  2. I know above I've already mentioned a scarf, but if you knit or crochet this is a great option for you.  Everyone loves a home made scarf, especially when it is made with love.  And there are so many great patterns out there these days that everyone is looking for these amazing looking scarf's!

  3. Baked goods are always on the top of any list for any female.  Chocolates are good too!  So if you like to bake, why not surprise the lady in your life with a tin of her favourite cookies or a home made cake that is decorated especially for her.  If you want to get really creative, you could always attempt to make your own chocolates for her.  Buy them is great, but making them just for her is so very special!

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