36 Happy Birthday Messages

On your birthday one of the best things to receive is the birthday messages that are written in your birthday cards or said to you in a speech or toast. Either way, when you're on the other side of things, its you that has to write the message. Sometime it isn't easy find the perfect thing to say. We hope to help you by giving you examples of birthday wishes written by Julie Hebert that you can use to help you write your birthday message.


  1. We can only hope that this day will be as special as you!

  2. The day you were born gave hope to us all that our lives will always be brighter with you in it!

  3. We aren't playing any games when we discussed your birthday! Lets party!

  4. Getting older only means you are getting better.

  5. Experience comes with time, and time makes you older. Therefore if you didn't get older, you couldn't be the person you are today.

  6. You deserve to have all your wishes come true.

  7. May the best times of your past be the worst times of your future.

  8. Hope today will only be the start of the happiness this year will bring.

  9. May the happiness you bring to others be doubled for you in the coming years ahead.

  10. No one deserves a happier birthday than you do.

  11. Sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful day that is tribute to you.

  12. We hope you will enjoy your birthday as much as we enjoy you every day of our lives.

  13. We hope this day is filled with many greetings and birthday wishes!

  14. Here is a birthday message filled with love and happiness for the next year of your life.

  15. Birthdays should be celebrated not mourned, so turn that frown upside down and celebrate all the days of our life. And how lucky you are to have each and ever one of them.

  16. You deserve wonderful poetic words of wisdom on your birthday and so much more!

  17. Can hardly believe you are _______, feels like just the other day you were a baby! We are so proud of everything you have become and can't wait to celebrate so many more!

  18. Today is your day to shine and let everyone else be dull! Take advantage as tomorrow will be very different!

  19. Too many people in this world do not see birthdays as how they should be seen. They are a blessing we are given, another year older, another year with our family and friends that not everyone is given. So enjoy today and be happy about the extra candle on the cake!

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  1. Here's to another year at the same age!

  2. Statistics show that people who have the most birthdays, live longer! See birthdays are good for you!

  3. All your other birthdays were just samples compared to this one!

  4. Here's to the forest fire we call, your birthday cake! Let eat!

  5. When you start asking not to be reminded of your birthday, that's how we know, your getting old!

  6. You know, if everyone brought you one gift for each birthday you've had, wow that would be a lot of presents!

  7. You're one of the wisest people I know! (with age comes wisdom)

  8. There are many things out there that are better with age, wine for example. Now you can be added to that list as well!!

  9. Getting older is like becoming a classic! Classic's are always the nicest!

  10. You only get one day that is your own and everyone has to be nice to you. So make sure you make it worth it, cause tomorrow is just another day!

  11. Birthdays are just another way nature is telling us to eat more cake! So eat away!

  12. We have no control over growing old, but how old you act, that is your choice!

  13. Fun birthdays are worth every bit of the hangover!

  14. Don't be one of those people that can't handle an extra candle on their cake, unless of course the cake starts to look like a forest fire!

  15. So what if you're not as young as you use to be, you're just as smart, that's why you've been using wrinkle cream for years! Knowledge is power!

  16. Oh so now you'll fess up to your true age, only because you'll start being paid for it!

  17. Grey hair and wrinkles are a part of life, for instance, if you never had them, everyone would still think you were in your forties, seeing that you always lie about your age.

We hope you were able to find some birthday messages here to help you write your own. If you still can't find the words, why not take one of these and use it for your congratulations card or for your speech or toast. We are just glad we can help.

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