6 Birthday Party Games

Planning a birthday is nothing without birthday party games.  The first few questions you will need to ask yourself is who will be playing these party games.  If your answer is kids, like most birthday’s parties, you will need to know the approximate age group so you can acquire games that are acceptable and entertaining to that specific age group.  You will want everyone who came to give their birthday wishes to be able to have fun at your party.

You can purchase games at your local store that may be exactly what you are looking for.  Board games, games for gaming consoles or even card games might do the trick for some older crowds.  But for those younger children, it may get a little more tricky.

You will need to find games that will be entertaining to toddlers.  Seeing that the word toddlers can range from 1 year old to 5 years old, this can be a difficult task.  Of course the age old classic game of pin the tail on the donkey and having a piñata may sound like a perfect choice, are there any other games that would be fun?  Below we have compiled a few games that you can play with children who are at the toddler age:

  1. Relay Races – If the party is outdoors this makes these races a lot easier. Kids love to run and although the one and two year old kids may not be up to racing or understanding the concept, you will find that they will want to join in.  Another option to races are creating an obstacle race to kids to climb through or sack bag races for the older toddlers and even three legged races.

  2. Duck Duck Goose – An oldie but a goodie.  Just sit the kids in a circle and have one of the children go around taping heads saying duck, duck with every tap.  When they say goose they both run in opposite directions around the circle group and see who can get back to the seat the fastest.

  3. Musical Chairs – Another oldie.  Line chairs up and have one less chair than there are children.  Play music and have the kids walk around the chairs.  When the music stops the children have to sit on a chair.  The one child who isn’t able to find a chair is out.  Then you remove another chair and start over.  Whoever is left wins!

  4. Hot Potato – Sit the children in circle and play music while the children pass the potato around the circle.  The object of the game is not to have the potato when the music stops.  The child that ends up with the potato is out.  Last one left wins.

Party games for adults at a child's birthday party:

There is nothing worse than going to a child's birthday party with your kids and being bored out of your mind.  It may be fine if you know lots of other parents there to talk to and keep yourself amused but for the most of us, knowing the other parents of all your children's friends is highly unlikely.  So when planning your child's birthday party, be kind to the parents as well as the children and plan for something to keep them busy during the party.  Its best to keep the games optional as some parents would rather interact with their children.  So you're probably now wondering what are some good games, well you're in luck, we have some options for you right now.

  1. The Nursery Rhyme Game - There are many different ways you can play this game.  You can have a list of questions and the parents have to guess the nursery rhyme or my favourite, if you have an illustrated book with nursery rhymes you could print the picture out with the rhyme and paste them around the room.  Have you ever really read nursery rhymes? Really read them, a lot of them are very not childlike.  Have parents go around the room looking at the pictures and reading the rhymes and pointing out what is really wrong with these rhymes.  This gets parents up and moving around vs. sitting there by themselves bored stiff.

  2. The Don't Say The Word Game - Pick a word that you feel will be difficult for parents not to say, tell them as they arrive that they are not allow to say this word.  Have a bunch of balloons blown up with helium and set aside.  The object is for parents to get other parents to say this word.  Every time a parent says this word they get a balloon tied to their body.  If the word is said often enough you'll end up with some parents with a ton of balloons tied to them.  If you're party is a clown themed you could substitute the balloons for clown costumes and then you'll end up with a whole bunch of clowns at your party!

Why not get the parents involved in the extra's.  Get them to help with face painting or balloon animals or children's games.  If they are busy helping out it will be hard for them to be bored and not enjoy themselves.  The important thing to remember when planning your child's birthday party is to plan for all the guests, not just the kids.

If is always a good idea to have some basic youngsters toys hanging around the room for those children who may be too young to play the games or for those kids who just don’t feel like joining in.  Things like balls and blocks do great!  They can be played alone or with more than one child.

Keep in mind when planning a birthday party for children that not everything will go as planned.  You need to be flexible and go with the flow.  You may find the children don’t find a game you have chosen fun or one or two children just don’t want to join in with the other kids.  That’s okay.  Move on to the next game or if all else fails, open gifts!

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