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It may be a difficult task if you are in charge of the birthday party ideas when planning an adult birthday party.  There are many ideas out there for kids birthday parties so it can be much easier to decide on a theme.  But for adults, you may find it a little trickier!  But what a nice way to send your birthday wishes to someone special.


Where to start.  Well, my first suggestion would be to think of the honoree.  What are their interests?  Besides, this is a party to honor them becoming another year older.  So you might as well plan it around them having a good time. 


  1. Take into consideration their interests and see if maybe there is something of interest that you could them plan their party around.  For instance, if they love to go out to bars, drink and socialize, why not plan a bar hopping event or better yet, a scavenger hunt downtown where most of the bars are located.  Make sure you plan it in an area that driving is not required if guests will be drinking.

  2. Maybe the celebrating individual loves going to the casino.  Or playing poker.  Why not turn the party room into a mini casino or poker club.  You can set up several tables with different games that you would see at a casino, offer a bar and maybe some music.  If they are just into poker, set up a poker tournament.  This could be lots of adult fun but would be lots of work.  If youíre up for the challenge, find some people to help out and get planning.

  3. For that outdoorsy person who loves beaches, hiking and barbeques!  Why not rent a cottage close to or on the beach, invite a bunch of friends over and have a BBQ.  If you are right on a private beach you could also set up a volley ball net or badminton for some games or tournaments. 

  4. Inviting family and friends out to a restaurant may be a very easy solution to the last minute birthday party planning.  This is simple yet can be very elegant depending on the restaurant you choose.  Make sure that you choose a restaurant that the birthday person likes or at least likes their food!  And make reservations!  Many restaurants do not have space for a bunch of people to sit together.  Oh and unless the restaurant bakes cakes, make sure you donít forget the birthday cake!

  5. For those who love halloween, why not have a costume party.  If you want to bring a little bit of history into it have a masquerade ball which is where guests attend in costume and where a mask. Either of these options can be very enteraining!

  6. Surprise parties are always a lot of fun.  Definitely my favourite to plan. There is something exciting about planning an amazing event for someone I love without there knowledge. But in order to do this you need to have a plan in place in order to ensure the guest of honor does not find out! If you are able to pull it off, it will be worth all the time and effort.

  7. For the gamer in your life, setting up a gaming party with all of his or her friends is an awesome idea.  Set up a bunch of computers or tv's with game consoles and allowing guests to play with a partner or everyone together by connecting with a router and switch and have a Lan Party!

  8. I don't think you're ever too old for a boys or girls night out type of party.  Sometimes something simple with your closest friends is exactly what some people perfer.  So feel the guest of honor out and decide whether something small is what they would perfer.

  9. There are many parties that are held at home with the help of a BBQ.  These parties are chill and more of a casual soiree where the guest of honor can take their time walking around and talking to their friends without too much hassel.

  10. But if casual isn't what you are looking for, maybe a real soiree is exactly what you want.  The usual t-shirt and jeans won't work at this event.  Neither will a BBQ.  Add well dressed people and a nicely decorated place and you'll have a soiree your guests will be talking about for a long time.  Hiring a band or having some nice music playing in the backyard will really set the tone of your soiree.   

Teenagers and pre-teens want to grow up and are looking for ways to celebrate their birthdays more maturally but may still be too young for some of the suggestions above.  Here are some ideas for the teens in your life:

  1. A night out at a fancy restaurant with a small group of their friends is a nice way to allow your teens to have a more mature birthday party.  A way to make this even more fun is to ask their guests to dress up.  You could even rent a limo if you're really in the mood!

  2. If you are in an area that provides broadway plays, going to the theatre is a really neat thing to do with those who love the arts.  Allowing the guest of honor to bring a long a friend or two is a fun idea if finances allow for it!

  3. What about taking the birthday girl or boy on a short trip? Traveling a little ways to a new and fun place and staying in a hotel with a few of their friends and then taking a tour of this new area sounds like a lot of fun! So many new and exciting places to see and explore, especially if you take them to a bigger city.

  4. If you are looking to create a big birthday bash where the guest of honor is celebrated royally, you could rent a hall and have a ball!  Invite all of their family and friends and celebrate in style having all guests dress up in style.  The bigger the better!

  5. The cheaper option to the above suggestion would be to have a huge house party with family and friends. If you have a nice outdoor space you could even host it outside, stringing lights and adding tables and chairs and a dance area.  Either way, a big party could possibly be done at home.

  6. We all have dreams, things we never think we will be able to do anytime soon.  Why not make one of their dreams come true.  Like forfit the party and put the money toward a trip to somewhere they have always wanted to go. Or do something they have always wanted to do. We all have our dreams, all you have to do is figure out what their dream is!

We can't forget the youngsters! Here are some fun things to do with them when celebrating their big day!

  1. Kids are pretty easy when it comes to their birthday.  If they have friends, a cake and some presents, they are pretty happy. But why not spice it up a bit with a great theme that you can use to create the ultimate birthday.  I've created some pretty fun parties using a theme as my guide.  There are so many great examples of ways to do them or things to do on the internet.  Its amazing to see what people have come up with.  Inspiring for your own party as well!  Happy Hunting!


We hope you have found our suggestions informative and helpful in your search for birthday party ideas.  If none of these ideas would suit the person you are planning a birthday for, just give it some thought and think about their interests and something will dawn on you.  Also you may find some help choosing a theme check out birthday party themes and if its a 1st birthday, check out first birthday party ideas.  Good luck!!

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