50 Happy Birthday Phrases

There are many different types of birthday phrases. You can use birthday wishes, quotes, verses, greetings or sayings to help you put together the perfect phrase. Congratulatory phrases are perfect for the birthday card, a toasts that you are giving to the guest of honor or even a speech. You may even want to use them in a gift you are making. Whatever the need is for, we want to help you find the perfect birthday phrases.


  1. Birthdays come and go, what matters is if you are enjoy those years in between.

  2. Birthdays are a wonderful thing, we all need to remove the number from the occasion and celebrate our life!

  3. Cry if you really want to, but I think laughing on your birthday seems like a much better thing to do!"

  4. Gotta love birthdays! Wishes galore and attention is all yours!

  5. How can anyone think that getting older is a bad thing? The wisdom we gain with every year we live is worth much more than turning one year older!

  6. Don't let convention dictate how old you are. If you feel 43 on your birthday, then that's how old you are!

  7. Love every birthday not just because it may be your last, but because you are worth every amount of attention bestowed upon you!

  8. Birthdays can be hard, but always focus on the good parts of birthdays: fun, friends, presents and cake!  Did I mention cake?

  9. I am a true believer that the wishes we make on our birthday can come true.  We just sometimes have to be patient.  So go ahead and blow out those candles!

  10. All celebrations are awesome!  Filled with fun and amusement.

  11. Celebrate your birthday always!  You were born for this very important role.

  12. A wish for you is what I hope you get when you blow out those candles on your birthday. Make it a wish for a wonderful year ahead.

  13. I am so happy you are here with us on your birthday and can hardly wait to spend another year in celebration with you.

  14. Life is sometimes too short, but my wish for you is it is long enough for you to see and experience all this world had to offer.

  15. Don't get caught up in the day to day stuff life throws at you, enjoy every moment, every day and every birthday you get to celebrate another glorious year.

  16. I am a strong believer that birthdays are for the strong minded. Just because we are counting up doesn't mean we are losing time. We are actually gaining memories, experiences and many years with the ones we love.

  17. Happy Birthday my friend. May this day be the best in your last year and the first in a wonerful year to come.

  18. I am so excited to be able to wish another Happy Birthday to a life long friend. May be continue to grow old together in the years to come.

  19. I've gotta say, its a wonderful day when one gets to celebrate a birthday we weren't all so sure would come. So glad we were all proven wrong!

  20. Today is a special day, not never more special than you could ever be!

  21. To the best and sweetest person I know, I wish you a sweet and wonderful birthday.

  22. We aren't given very many people in this world that we truely and deeply care about. I'm sure glad you are one of those people for me.  Happy Birthday to my soul mate, my best friend.

  23. On your birthday I thought I'd give you a little word of advice: They say men get better looking as they grow older, so you still have a chance! Hang in there!

  24. We've been saying the same thing to each other on birthdays for many many years now. No more words needed!  Have a great Birthday.

  25. Extraordinary people require extraordinary birthdays!  I hope you have an extraordinary day!

  26. I know how birthdays make you shine. May your shimmer continue into the next year with many smiles along with it. Happy Birthday!

  27. Happy Birthday to someone who always makes me feel safe and so lucky!

  28. I can honestly tell you for every year we grow older we get wiser. I've learned that over the year watching you get older before me!

  29. I can already imagine how bright your smile will be now that it is your birthday! Have000000

  30. The day you were born was the day I finally found out what it felt like to fall in love.  Happy Birthday my precious baby!

  31. I hope the next year of your life is filled with passion and a excitement you have yet to see in all your years!

  32. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays because you are loved today and you will continue to be loved tomorrow because you will be loved always.

  33. On this birthday, may the sun shine brighter than ever and may it continue to follow you into the next years to come.

  34. I was lucky to find a true friend in you, and that luck continues as I get to celebrate your birthday with you.

  35. May you be spoiled today on your birthday! Let someone cook you meals, let another clean your dishes and top it all off with a nice back rub! Enjoy your birthday!

  36. I wish many riches for your birthday in friendships, love and happiness.

  37. I wanted to give you flowers for your birthday but remembered you already smell so good, I wanted to get you a cake for your birthday but remembered you are already so sweet. So I decided to give you this card for your birthday and tell you how amazing, special and loving you are.

  38. I've done it again, and I've gone and missed your birthday. Please forgive me! You know how much I love to celebrate birthdays!

  39. Wishing you a day that is extraordinary in comparison to every other day!

  40. Hoping this birthday is filled with such joy and happiness that you will wish everyday is your birthday!

  41. You are bright, you are healthy and you have everything you need!  I'd say you are having a pretty amazing birthday!

  42. Happy birthday to the person who spreads joy and love everywhere you go.

  43. May life continue to be good to you with each passing birthday!

  44. This birthday is going to be filled with wonderful hours with friends and loved ones!  Enjoy every happy  hour!

  45. Another great year to put behind you and another fresh start to look forward to!

  46. Life gives us a lot to handle, but you seem to keep it all together!  Wishing you another year to handle so elegantly.

  47. Wishing you many pinched cheeks, sloppy kisses and tight hugs on this birthday.

  48. I hope this birthday keeps a smile on your face for the entire day!

  49. Every year we get to celebrate another birthday is another chance to save up and create bigger and better memories.  Go catch your memories.

  50. May you have an unforgettable birthday that everyone will be talking about for years to come.


There are so many uses for birthday phrases and you don't have to stop at the birthday card. Be creative and use them where ever you feel fit. You may find that some of these phrases can be versatile and either be use for another congratulatory event or be slightly changed to be used for something else.

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