35 Birthday Present Ideas


Depending on the price you want to pay, there are many different birthday presents out there.  Having some sort of idea what the birthday boy or girl likes and their interests will definitely make things easier for you to choose something.  But if you donít, here are some generic birthday presents that can be given to just about any adult.

  1. DVD or Blu-ray movie in the genre you know they like.  For example if you know they have always enjoyed cowboy movies, why not find a favourite oldie that they enjoyed in their younger years!
  2. CD's are a perfect gift for the music lovers in your life. Question them on cd's they wish they had and surprise them on their birthday.

  3. Gift cards are a great last minute idea for the hard to buy for people.  And now a days there are so many options, which can sometimes make things even more difficult.  But there are lots of generic gift cards that allow lots of buying choices if you are unsure of what they like.

  4. Movie Tickets for the movie going lover! Such a great idea, one they can use right away or wait until a favourite movie comes into theatres.

  5. Picture Frame for a favourite picture of the birthday boy or girl or maybe a picture you took of their kids or family or even their pet.  Framing something of significance is a wonderful way to show the guest of honor how much you care.

  6. Books or Magazines that you know they love is always a nice treat. If you aren't sure but you know they love to read, you could always give them a bookstore gift card to allow them to choose for themselves.

  7. Figurine if they are collectors or something to signify a specific moment in their lives.  Maybe even something to celebrate their milestone.

  8. Fruit Basket is a little less intimate gift but still a nice option for a co-worker or a fruit lover in your life. It won't gather dust or take up room and it will be enjoyed at any time of the day!

  9. Pictures are always a nice gift, especially if they are of something they love.  You could make it even more meaningful by giving them a picture that you took.

  10. Piece of Art is an increadibly rare gift because of cost, but could be a very special gift if you know it is something they've always wanted. If you are an artist yourself, giving one of your works of art would be a very nice gift as well!

  11. Clothes can be a great gift if you know exactly their size and style but if you don't and you still want to give them an article of clothing, stick to zip up or button sweaters, scarfs or socks. And make sure you know their size, you would want to offend someone by giving them something too big or too small.  Feelings could get hurt either way.

  12. Hat and/or Mittens are a lovely idea for those winter birthdays. Nothing like having a new hat and mitts to take the winter blues away and look stylish at the same time!

  13. Beer or Wine Glasses will always be loved, especially if they come with beer or wine!

  14. Unique Kitchen Accessories are a bakers dream and a wonderful gift that is a practicle yet fun for the guest of honor.

  15. Perfume or Cologne for those who like to spell lovely.

  16. Essential Oils and Diffusers are a great option for those who like to be more natural with their bodies and in their homes.

  17. Portable Massage Seat is something almost everyone would enjoy, especially for the middle ages when our bodies are starting to feel warn down more quickly than before!

  18. Portable Heating Seat is a handy thing to give for someone who lives in colder climates. Nothing like have a warm bottom in the dead of winter.

  19. Electric Blanket for those cold winter nights is another great gift for someone living in colder climates. Help them to stay warm and cosy in bed or on the couch.

  20. Vase with or without flowers is a nice gift. If you know someone who buys, cuts or is given flowers often then the vase alone may be enough, especially if it is a particularly nice vase.  Adding flowers to the vase could be a nice option as well if they do not have any vases for when flowers are given.

Now of course not all of these items are going to be hit for everyone.  You will have to judge the personís personality a little to decide whether one of these items is a good fit.  If you know the person pretty well and have some knowledge of what they own you can also get them:

  1. Video Games are a great gift if you are aware of a specific game they do not own but would like. Or maybe you know of a new game coming out and are able to buy it for them as a surprise.

  2. Gaming Accessories to add to their current setup.  There are some amazing and fun gaming accessories that the birthday girl or boy may really like to have and just can't afford it. If you are able, this is a really nice idea.

  3. Computer Accessories is much the same as gaming accessories with so many options out there. 

  4. Sheets or Blankets are a nice gift if you know they are in need of some or new ones. Sheets can be expensive so many people don't buy new ones very often. As for blankets,

  5. Old Records for someone who has a record player or a collection is a fun way to share music from their past.

  6. Sports Equipment for the sports lover. Replacing equipment that was lost or broken is a great way for your gift to be useful, but also getting something they may have not bought for themselves be also be a nice gesture.

  7. If you are looking for an extravagant gift, why not plan a night on the town or a weekend away.  Something fun and relaxing would be a great gift.

For the teenager or pre-teen in your life, I find that it'll either be really easy or really hard. Most teens have specific interests, and if they do that makes it a bit easier to buy them a gift, but if they don't, here are some ideas to help you choose a gift worthy of the guest of honor:


  1. Any type of gift certificate would work. One for the mall or to the movies are popular choices.

  2. Money is always a perfect gift for a teenager.  Don't ever think its not personal or a good choice.  All teens love to receive money!

  3. A Game Console or Games they don't already have but have wanted is a fun choice

  4. A Computer if they need an upgrade or don't have one yet.

  5. Wire-free Headphones for the music lover. This is also a great gift if you are trying to quiet some of their gaming times.  A gift for him/her and a gift for you!

  6. An Ipad is a nice alternative and compromise to a game concole or a computer. Not as expensive but making a lot of the things they would use on the game console and computer available to them.

  7. A Cell Phone when they are trustworthy and old enough to take responsibility for payments.

  8. A Car is every teenagers dream.  Its not really a realistic option for most parents, but worth the mention.

So whatever gift you feel is perfect for the celebrating individual, keep in mind itís the thought that counts.  Sending your birthday wishes is more than enough, but having a gift, doesnít hurt!!  Keep in mind that poems, quotes and verses are always a nice addition to any card or birthday letter.

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