Birthday Quotes

So many different uses for birthday quotes.  You can use them in a congratulations card, toast, speech, gift, etc.  They can also be use as birthday wishes, quotes or messages, greetings and phrases.  We have complied birthday quotes to hopefully help you in your search.  Feel free to use these in your card, speech or to complete your gift. That which is written in read is the thoughts of about that particular quote.


"Birthdays come and go, what matters is if you are enjoy those years in between."


"Birthdays are a wonderful thing, we all need to remove the number from the occasion and celebrate our life!"


"Cry if you really want to, but I think laughing on your birthday seems like a much better thing to do!"


"Gotta love birthdays! Wishes galore and attention is all yours!"


"How can anyone think that getting older is a bad thing? The wisdom we gain with every year we live is worth much more than turning one year older!"


"Don't let convention dictate how old you are. If you feel 43 on your birthday, then that's how old you are!"



"When your cake looks like a forest fire on your birthday, it may be time to switch to the digit candles!"



There are so many great authors out there that finding birthday quotes isn't a hard task.  We just wanted to be a useful tool and compile these for you.  We hope you have found them useful and hope you are able to use them in which ever need you have for them.  You may also find funny birthday quotes of interest, or if you like proverbs try happy birthday proverbs.




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Additional Quotes:


"In a spiritually sensitive culture, then, it might well be that age is something to be admired or envied."

Rowan D. Williams


"So long as enthusiasm lasts, so long is youth still with us."

David Starr Jordan


"Getting old is a fascination thing.  The older you get, the older you want to get."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


"What's another candle when you see how much each year has given you!"

Julie Hebert


"If wrinkles must be written upon our brows let them not be written on the heart. The spirit should not grow old."

James Garfield


"Don't count your years, make your years count!"

Ernest Myrers