4 Birthday Rhymes


Writing the perfect birthday rhymes isnít the most easiest thing to do in the world, but is definitely obtainable.  With just a little bit of guidance and helpful hints, you will be on your way to sending birthday wishes in the way of a well written poem.


Well the easiest poem to write that doesnít take much writing skills and you have the choice of making it  rhyme or not would be an Acrostic Poem.  This is a poem make out of the initials of the guest of honors name.  You write the letters of the personís name vertically and use each letter as the start of a sentence.  An example of an Acrostic Poem is this: (guest of honors name is Jane)

  1. Just incredibly kind and sweet!

    An all around great gal!

    Never nasty or negative.

    Example of someone who is loved!


If you are going to write this in a card or letter or use this in some handmade gift, you may want to bold or change the colour of the letters of the personís name like we did here.  This names the name stand out a little more.


If youíd prefer to write a poem that does rhyme here are a few steps to get you started:




You may find using a rhyming dictionary to be a helpful resource.  It is okay to get help from family and friends if you are having a hard time adding in a certain piece of information.  They may have another though on how you can write it.  Two heads are always better than one.



Hereís an example of one way to write a rhyming poem:

  1. Happy Birthday to Jane

    Who lives down the lane,

    Sheís always out in her garden.


    Picking the weeds

    And planting new trees

    We just hope she takes time out for this party.


    Weíve done our very best

    Not to make you wear a dress,

    So you donít have to change out of your overalls.


    We all know

    how Jane clothes,

    Never wanting to dress up for a party.


    So here we all are with a drink in our hand

    Letís all raise our glasses if we can,

    And sing happy birthday to Jane.


Birthday Rhymes can also be short rhyming messages like this:

  1. Happy Birthday best friend,

    May this day be full of fun.

    Relax and do your fav's,

    Enjoy some fun in the sun.


  2. Its your birthday and you can cry if you want to,

    But why on earth would you want to do that!

     Its your birthday and no sadness for you!

    So let it all go and put on your happiness hat!

Well, being able to say youíve accomplished writing your own birthday rhyme is definitely a success, donít forget the great uses for quotes, sayings, verses and phrases. You may find that there is something there that is also a nice addition to any card, letter or handmade gift.



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