4 First Birthday Party Ideas


There are so many great first birthday party ideas to choose from. Having your child turn one year old is a momentous occasion! And you want their first birthday party to be the same. So what do you want their first b-day celebration to be like? Well, that will be up to you.


  1. Do you want it to be a big celebration with your whole family and all your friends or do you want it to be a small gathering of your immediate family and/or your closest friends? You will have to answer that question first before going on to anything else. But keep in mind if there will be a lot of people that will want to give their birthday wishes personally. That may help you decide on the size of the party.


  1. Once you’ve decided on the size of the party you can them decide on a theme. Usually the theme will be, ‘1st Birthday Party’, or ‘I’m Turning One’. Something like that. But that doesn’t mean you can use themes that are geared towards older children. Besides, with a child this young, the only thing the theme will be good for is knowing how to decorate! Here are some other great themes you may want to consider: Teddy Bears, Balloons, Winnie the Pooh, Baby Mickey or Minnie, Sesame Street, Princess or Cowboy, Circus, etc. If this party isn’t going to have other children attending you can make it a Hawaiian or Tropical theme. You will want to choose the theme also by the guests attending. If children will be attending, then choose a theme fit for children and if no children then you can choose something that adults would enjoy. You’re one year old won’t really understand what's going on. So you will basically be planning this party for you and for your guests. Besides, your toddler will just be happy to see familiar faces.

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  1. After you have the theme you will want to pick up the decorations and then move on to food and games. If you have children coming you will want to plan the food and games around them. Make sure the food is simple and tasty. Finger foods are a good choice. As for games, they should be chosen with the children’s ages in mind. The party will be focused more towards keeping the youngsters happy.

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  1. If you will not have children other than the birthday boy or girl present, then the food can be more sophisticated and messier if desired. Don’t think that just because there is no kids that there is no need for games. You still need to entertain your guests. So unless this is a drop in and leave mingling party you should prepare some games for the adults to play. Even if they are just simple games like, ‘Do you know the birthday girl/boy?’ Where you will have a bunch of questions and the person who gets the most right wins a prize. Or compile some quotes people have said about a time in the little ones first year and have people guess why that was said. The person with the most right wins a prize.

Whatever you decide to do for your child’s first birthday party, keep in mind to have fun yourself. There is nothing like planning a big stressful party to not be able to enjoy in the day. One year ago on this day he/she was put into your arms. This is a day worth celebrating for you too.

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