10 Happy Birthday Quotes

Saying happy birthday to a friend or family member is whats on every persons mind when they know there is a birthday coming up.  But what to say is always the toughest part.  Below you will find birthday quotes that were written by real people for real people.


  1. Hope you enjoy your special day.  Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday.  Lots of festivity for you!

  3. Happy blessed birthday to my sister.  No matter how horrible I was to you when we were young, you always stood by me.

  4. Have a special day!

  5. Happy birthday sweetie.  Hope your having a wonderul Birthday and many more to come.

  6. Happy birthday my beautiful friend!

  7. Happy birthday to one of the silliest, fun loving, kind hearded people I know!

  8. Happy, happy birthday to one of my favourite men in this world!

  9. Thank you for always being an amazing dad, husband and best friend.

  10. Stopping everything I am doing to wish you a very happy birthday!