Happy Birthday Sayings


We are all looking for happy birthday sayings to send to someone special at some point in our lives. Many times for different people probably. Sometimes we are able to come up with something to say on our own and sometimes a little help is needed to say exactly what we are feeling.


No need to fret. We have several congratulatory quotes, messages, phrases, wishes and verses for you too read through. Hopefully you will find the perfect one. We have separated them by ages and also have some for your brothers and then just traditional birthday sayings.

Feel free to take from this site a verse or two. We also donít mind if you take a few and use them as inspiration to write your own. Besides, we are here to help so any help that we can be, we will be.

Birthday Sayings - You will find more traditional, non-specific messages here. If you are looking for something generic, this is the place for you.

Birthday Sayings for Brother - Brothers can be difficult at times, and with their tough exterior, its difficult to find the right words to say to them on their birthday. Find some examples here.

60th Birthday Sayings - Turning 60 years old is a big accomplishment. Not everyone gets to see their 60th birthday. Tell them how happy you are for them with words found on this page.

50th Birthday Sayings - Your friend or family member is turning half a century old. Wow! Finding the perfect words to write in their card is essential! We hope we can help.

40th Birthday Sayings - Turning 40 is that in between age between being a young adult and rearing the big five-O. Help them celebrate with these messages of celebration.

30th Birthday Sayings - They say that turning 30 years old is the start of your adult life. But to the person turning 30 may disagree. Its a hard age to celebrate, but with the right words of congratulations, you can help make them realize that turning 30 is great.

Keep in mind, you can make any saying unique and yours by just changes a few words or sentiments. It is definitely easier to just copy a phrase or two, but making a few minor changes will not only make it more personal, but it will also make it sound as if you yourself wrote it. So take a few extra moments to make this saying yours. You wonít regret it, and when that special person reads their b-day card, they will know it can from YOUR heart.

We will be updating our website often so check back for new phrases and pages. We hope this will be your one stop shop for words of congratulations for someone celebrating a birthday.





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