There are so many ways to extend birthday wishes to friends and loved ones on their special day. We hope this website will be your one stop shop to finding those greetings using quotes, phrases, special messages, proverbs, verses, poems, etc. to share in their celebration.

Below are different ways to share your happiness for the special person. Feel free to use the information we have provided in a card or for a speech, or whatever you feel they would be most helpful to you. Sometimes finding the perfect words is difficult, and we know that. Sometimes finding that perfect quote may be the answer you are looking for. Good luck in finding that perfect saying!

Birthday Wishes

Find different ways to send best wishes to your family and friends through wishes, messages, verses, phrases, greeting and sayings.
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Birthday Quotes

Adding a quote to a card or letter along with your birthday wishes is always a nice touch. We hope you find an unique and special quote.
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Birthday Sayings

Find sayings for all ages, family members and traditional sayings, as well as sayings for special milestones.
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Birthday Cards

Who says the perfect birthday card comes from a store? Learn how to make your own birthday card and find some sayings to use as well.
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Birthday Poems

Poems are a great way to express yourself using creative wording and added thoughts and wishes. You can use one already written by an author or create your own? Find the perfect b-day poem here.
Birthday Poems
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Birthday Toasts

Learn how to write the perfect toast to say at a friend or families party, and find examples of toasts you may want to use as well.
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Birthday Songs

Here you will find songs that would be great for a play list for a birthday party.
Happy Birthday Song

Birthday Parties

Oh how there are so many things to do when planning a birthday party. Well we are here to help! Here are ideas for planning, games, invitations, pictures, themes and supply lists to get you started.
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Birthday Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift for a specific person can be very difficult. Hopefully we can help by giving you many different options.
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Romantic Birthday Ideas
Last Minute Gift Ideas

"Every year that I get older I realize I know more about myself now than I did a year ago. Getting older means, becoming the person you are meant to be."
Julie Hebert

As you can see there are many different ways to pass on your words of greetings to the special celebrating individual. B-day wishes are always out there in many different forms. Our job is to provide you with as many different options as we can find. As time goes on we will add new pages with more options for you. So please check back.

But keep in mind that sending your celebratory wishes never has to be done in an expensive way. It is the thought that counts so plan or purchase with only the b-day boy or girl in mind. And no matter what you decide, the thought will be there, expensive or not and that thought will be more appreciated than the gift on its own!

So go find that perfect saying or verse to send your wishes and if you decide to get a gift or plan a party make it about the guest of honor. It is there day and they should be the center of attention. So good luck in your planning and we hope the information provided on this website will give you the insight that you will need!

"May everything you dream of, be everything you receive."

"Today is the first day of your next year, spend it well!"

"Congratulating you on another candle being added."

"May this be the happiest birthday yet."

"Hoping you receive the greatest birthday you can think of."

"You're another year older, and another year wiser."

"So happy another year has found you, may it be the best year yet."

"I can only wish for the best birthday you will ever have, it up to you to make it happen!"

"Such a good friend deserves all the wishes they desire, especially on their birthday."

"Celebrating a birthday such as yours brings joy to many people around."

"Another birthday brings another year of wisdom under your belt!"

"I do love it when my friends celebrate getting another year older. Makes me feel younger every time! Happy Birthday!"

"Whoever said birthdays are a time to be sad, forgot to about the cake, presents and party!"

"Its your birthday and you'll cry if you want to but I'm here to ask you not to cry, but rejoice! Its your birthday, so smile!"

"Birthdays are awesome, espeically when they are yours!"

"Sucks to get older, but the memories we carry with us each year makes it well worth the extra number!"

"With age becomes wisdom. You must be really smart!"

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"If one day we are all to get old, than let my experiences speak for themselves."

Julie Hebert

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