7 Last Minute Gift Ideas


Someone will find themselves looking for last minute gift ideas usually when they just find out its someoneís birthday or just remember!  And the last thing anyone wants is for the birthday girl or boy to realize their birthday was forgotten.



So, what can one pull together in a very short period of time that wonít look like it was a last minute gift.  Well we have come up with some suggestions that you should be able to run out and get within a hour!  If youíre lucky, the place where you pick this gift up will even have a wrapping service making it even quicker!



  1. Go to a store that sells only cards.  They will usually have some unique gifts like frames, books, figurines, ornaments, mugs and even sometimes handmade jewelry.  This way, when you are getting your card you will easily be able to pick up a gift at the same time.  These places usually offer gift wrapping services for your convince and if they donít they usually offer gift bags and tissue, so if all else fails, purchase a gift bag and pack it with tissue paper for a quick wrap.

  2. Flower shops are great last minute ideas.  They offer flowers, bouquet or potted, they have cards, balloons and usually some decorative gardening items.  Some will offer gift basket options for you to be able to create a fruit or candy gift basket.  You may also be able to find some figurines.  They too sometimes offer wrapping services.

  3. A quick run to any mall usually makes a last gift purchase easy.  You should have your pick of stores and card shops.  The only issue I see with going to a mall, is they are usually fairly busy and there may be too many choices.  So unless you know what you want to get and the mall layout so you can get in and out quickly, I would try sticking to a something smaller.

Of course depending on what you have close to you will make a big difference on what type of last minute present you get.  But here are some other quick gift ideas:



  1. Specialty Gift Basket: coffee, tea, chocolate or candy, flowers, soaps, etc.

  2. Gift Card: restaurant, unique store, department store, clothing store, etc.

  3. Flowers

  4. Movie Tickets

You will find that people will just be happy for the birthday wishes.  But if you really need a very last minute gift idea and donít even have time to run anywhere, pick up a book or go online and find a nice birthday poem or quotes.  Although this does not seem like much to you, it shows you took the time to find something nice to add to a basic and normal birthday card.  Good luck!


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