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Wondering how to make your own birthday cards?  This is actually not a difficult thing.  Of course there are different variations on how fancy you can get so if you go all out, the difficulty bar may increase.  But there are many ways to create your own birthday cards simply.


6 Easy Steps to making your own card:


  1. To start you will want to have a computer program that will allow you to have a page that is folded, so when you print, you wonít just be printing like a normal document.  Of course that is the easiest way to make a card but if you donít have a program to do something like that, you can still create your own card.  You donít have to even use a computer.  You can create a card like scrapbooking. 

  2. Take a piece of thicker paper and using coloured markers or stickers, you can create a very nice scrapbook style birthday card.  But if you are like me, you may find it easier to use a computer.  To me scrapbook, although it may be fun, is up there on the difficulty scale!

  3. Whether you use a computer or not what goes into the card is pretty much basic.  You will want to come up with a phrase to write on the front of the card that will then read into the inside of the card.  You can find a birthday phrases or you can your own.  Give yourself a little credit and try and make it as personal as you can. 

  4. You may think about finding a birthday poem or congratulations quote to put in the inside of the card.  Or maybe even on the front of the card.  See what your creative juices tell you.  There are many different sayings around, so take your time to find the perfect one.  If you are a good writer, write your own.  Nothing is better than receiving something that was written specifically for you!

  5. And of course, finding a design for your card or a picture to put on the front.  This is what will make the card!  So choose carefully!  Maybe finding a picture of the celebrator when he or she was younger would be a nice insert?  Or if this is your best friend, a picture of the two of you could be nice too.  There are so many ways you can make this card personal.  Be creative.

  6. So as you can see, making your own birthday card does not have to be a difficult task.  It does take a little more time than buying one from your local shop, but nothing beats something homemade.  If you donít believe me, ask your parents!  Oh, don't forget to write your birthday wishes for the guest of honor!!

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