Sweet things to do for your girlfriend

or Boyfriend!


Someone special is celebrating their birthday and you are looking for some romantic birthday ideas.  You want to show this someone special, how special they actually are.  And though your actions, thatís exactly what you are going to do.


  1. First things first, you will want to get a little information on the celebrating individual.  Find out their interests, their favourite flowers, their favourite music, what their most favourite meal is.  Now when I say find out, I donít mean go and ask them.  You want this to be a surprise so ask whoever you have to, have a hypothetical conversation with them to try and sneak the answers out of them without them realizing it.  Once you are armed with the answers to these questions you can then start the planning process.

  2. You will first want to decide on the restaurant you want to take them too, or better yet, what you want to cook for them.  Unless you are planning your whole idea around staying in or having dinner late in the evening after youíve done everything you wanted to do, taking them out to a restaurant will keep you on the move.  Once you are home, it is sometimes hard to get out and do other things.

  3. What are you going to do for entertainment?  Movies, theater, dancing, walk on the beach or boardwalk?  It really depends on what you have in your town or city.  But whatever you decide to do, make sure it is something the person celebrating likes. 

  4. Gift?  Well, the card is priority number one, but it would probably be nice to accompany it with a gift.  If its for a woman, jewelry is usually an easy guess.  But there are many other possibilities available, and thatís for you to figure out when you are finding out her interest.  If itís for a guy, well that can be a little more tricky.  You will probably have to do a little bit of investigating. 

  5. When it comes to the day, donít forget to dress nicely and bring flowers (for a woman).  Be nice and courteous.  And treat him or her like a king or queen.  It is their day after all and they should be the center of attention.  Today isnít about you or anyone else.  

So with that said, come up with something unique, fun and intended for the birthday girl or boy only.  They will be receiving a lot of wishes today and you want youíre to stand out.  Reading a poem or love quotes can add just enough romance to any situation, so consider that when you are planning your big night out!


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